Canadian Sales Representatives


Mailing Address:

Allwest Commerical Furnishings Ltd.

14325-112 Avenue

Edmonton, Alberta

Canada, T5M 2V3

Telephone Number:

(780) 452-8212 Valerie Turner

Fax Number:

(780) 455-8419

Electronic Mail:

Mailing Address:

Cascadia Design Products

100-1614 West 5th Avenue

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada, V6J 1N8

Telephone Number:

(604) 739-0966

Cell Number:

(604) 802-0007 Mark Bromley

Fax Number:

(604) 739-0986

Electronic Mail:

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Mailing Address:

Rieger Architectural Products Ltd.

Unit E-2595 McGillivray Blvd

Winnipeg, MB

Canada, R4G 0B3

Telephone Number:

(866) 385-8318

Fax Number:

(866) 385-1992

Electronic Mail:



Mailing Address:

Solarfective Products Ltd

55 Hymus Road

Scarborough, Ontario

M1L 2C6, Canada

Telephone Number:

(416) 421-3800

Fax Number:

(416) 421-8424

Electronic Mail:


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